I have been a keen amateur photographer for more years than I care to remember, but really started seriously in 1972 when I got my first SLR - a Nikkormat Ftn. Apart from dabbling with black and white developing and printing in the early years I have never had the patience for darkroom work. Preferring to work predominately with colour slide film. I have had various Nikon cameras over the years but my enthusiasm waned in the early nineties when deteriorating eyesight forced me to permanently wear spectacles, making it difficult to focus my manual Nikon F3. I finally invested in a fully automatic SLR and started taking pictures again.

My interest in digital imaging began in 1999. Many of my original colour slides had deteriorated with age and poor storage and I decided to try scanning and restoring the pictures to their former glory using Adobe Photoshop. An offshoot of this was the ability to now print them in colour using a photo quality inkjet printer. Printers and paper have rapidly advanced to the stage where without very close scrutiny it is difficult to pick an inkjet print from a conventional photograph.

In December 2002 I bought a Digital SLR and now find that this is the camera that I invariably reach for when a photo opportunity occurs. I do not subscribe to the often heated debates of film versus digital. I think both have their pros and cons and should be able to live happily side by side. Personally I love the ease and immediacy of digital capture, whilst at the same time acknowledging that nothing quite matches the impact and quality of a well-exposed colour slide on a light box.

If you should chance upon this web site, feel free to browse at leisure. I hope you get as much pleasure from looking at the pictures as I did in taking them and assembling them here. Enjoy! Bernie Hartgill - August 2003

My wife, Elsie, has recently become the proud owner of a Nikon D40 DSLR. She has been busy practising with it and getting to know all the different modes and features. A selection of her images appears on the EH Gallery page. Bernie Hartgill - May 2007..

September 2008